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Selling Post

Jun. 13th, 2012 | 02:12 am

Love Bonito

Covet Valentine Dress in White, XS

worn once
$42 mailed

Dress on the left, in KHAKI, XS
Worn once
$25 mailed

Sheridan Dress in Forest, XS
Washed once, worn once
$23 mailed

Kansas Dress, Navy Blue, XS
$32 mailed

Rowynee Romper, Black, XS
worn once
$20 mailed

Pascale Top in Jade
$15 mailed


Cut out Crochet 2 piece dress, Black, S
Washed once, worn once
$24 mailed

Ruche Bandage Toga Dress in CREAM & TAUPE GREY!
$20 mailed each

3/4 Basic Sleeveless Maxi Dress in Tea Green
Washed once, worn once
$15 mailed

Mid waist peg leg pants
Brand new!
$20 mailed

The Velvet Dolls

Size s
Worn once
$20 mailed

The Juice Market

Fiery Tribal Malliot
Brand new, $28 mailed

Hepburn Monokini, Asos Inspired
Brand new, $28 mailed


Off shoulder ruche dress in NAVY and GREY
$13 mailed each


Floral shorts, brand new
$20 mailed

Oakham Market

Midi Skirt in Grey only (brand new!) $10 mailed

Forever 21
tagged size s, padded at bust, $22 mailed

f21 cardigan, tagged size M
$15 mailed

Floral dress, tagged sizeS
$10 mailed

Tribal romper, tagged size S
$15 mailed

Beaded top, worn once only (not from f21)
$18 mailed

FYI, I'm standing at 158cm, size uk 4. For any questions regarding measurements and fit, please formspring me! I won't entertain questions for more discounts etc. Please don't give me ridiculous price especially for brand new items, no more discounts for my f21 items as well. Already priced them as low as possible.

Terms and conditions
1. All prices are inclusive of normal mail
2. No meet ups for items less than $23
3. Meet ups at my own convenience
4. I reserve the right to determine to sell it to you or not
5. Even if you wanna back out, please email and let me know
6. I will definitely snap pics of the parcel before mailing out


Okay, thats all! Please leave me a comment here or email me at keke2_90@hotmail.com
Any questions please formspring me! Click here!

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(no subject)

Mar. 1st, 2011 | 11:13 pm

 MOVED. no longer posting here.


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My 2010......

Jan. 4th, 2011 | 01:30 am

Some major events in my life in 2010.

Celebrated our 2nd anni together. Still love this album the most, i think its the prettiest I've ever made!!

Universal studios in April together with my family and the awesome fun and rides that we did together.

Worked for fujitsu in april for singapore poly roadshow and got to know this bunch of funny people. And we even managed to hang out together.

My official graduation in May.

still have regrets that i should have tied my hair up instead of letting it down. I would have look so much better in photos. HAHAHAHA. really hate my graduation photos cos i went to club the previous night and it was sooo crazy! urgh. Ok, nehmind. Can u imagine how hot was it to wear formal and the stupid robe on the outside?! tsk.

In July, it was bboy's 22nd birthday and I booked a room at amara hotel, a quiet celebration just between the both of us.

August was the month of my 20th birthday. I finally hit the 2-0.

In October, I lost my freaking brand new bb9700 which was less than 2mths old in zouk. Till now, I still curse that person and hope he/she will get karma!! Literally used my own pay to buy a brand new set and cost me $730, i was so upset bcos my savings for that mth was gone. Urgh.

Not forgetting, my biggest journey of the year. I officially joined UOB in June and underwent training and got to know this great bunch of people. 6months with UOB is not a long time neither was it a short time. It definitely is a fulfilling one with learning experience. Opened my own counter, serving each customer with the best knowledge and service I can provide. Still can rmb how I will panick at the end of the day when it was time for us to do balancing. How scary it is when we failed to balance our cash and the error corrections I had made multiple times when I just opened my counter. It's not that easy serving each customer thinking that they only have deposits and withdrawals to do. Nevertheless, I am thankful for my colleagues! Really great bunch of people to work with, especially with the arrivals of the new talents as well. 

I stopped blogging since I joined uob because there just wasn't time for me to do so and I was really exhausted each day after work. Every weekend is precious to me since my work week was mon- half of my sat. 

In november, we had our own chalet at downtown east. I was part of the committee since i belong to the 'younger' generation.


Likewise, with my own savings from my salary. I finally bought myself a well-deserved gift that I am been lemming for the longest ever!! 

YES. MY G12 BABY!!! Yay to more good photo quality from now on! Expensive shit, blew me like 720bucks. Sigh, both phone and camera have eaten up quite a lot of my savings. But, it's money well-spent!!! :DDD

We also had our east side uob teambuidling @ sentosa as well. Rise and shine early at 8am at harbourfront mrt, even earlier than work!! But it was a whole lot of fun getting wet.

Love fooling ard them. :D

And not long ago, we had our very own christmas gift exchange in branch as well! 

It's been a long journey with them and I'm gonna miss each of them and the jokes as well as chiong PIB everyday!

Also booked a hotel room at Studio M for my poly gang to celebrate christmas together and it has the best bed ever!!!! Freaking love the concept about everything!!

Spent my NYE by booking gallery hotel and had a quiet celebration with bboy. ((: Nothing beats waking up next to your loved one the next morning! 

This is how my 2010 have been. From a graduate student to a full time working adult, and now, I'm back to being a student again. I will definitely miss work and my salary!!!

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Good times don't last forever

Jun. 28th, 2010 | 11:32 pm

This is exactly what I have been missing out on for the nearly past 1 month!! Sigh. Now that work has taken full force, i no longer have time to do things as and when i like!! Damn. Especially Ladies night.......... Not even the energy anymore!! And working days sucks cos it's from mon to sat. Rawrrr.... Only 2 and a half days off each month. KILL ME PLEASEEEEE....... am only surviving for the attractive pay!

AND UNIFORM SO UGLLYYYYY................ hahahahah. shit. better stop complaining abt work cos its not even that bad anyway!. wth.

GOOD OLD TIMES THAT I REALLY MISSED!!! missed clubbing with the bf and everybodyyyyyy, getting high when its not even 12 yet, talking nonsense, our very own gossip girl version which was so fucking hilarious max, im such a joker man. ahahahahaha.


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Big Twenty, 20th

May. 23rd, 2010 | 10:13 pm

Last friday was wee wee's big 20th! the first to turn 20 among us, and srsly, i dont look forward to being 20 at all! Rawrr.... )): Now that i'm going to be a full time OL cum next next monday on the 31st. Sigh. The woes of a graduate!!

But anyway, we celebrated her birthday at Canele, the one at Robertson Walk, u know where's double-o used to be right? haha. Yep, there. AND, SHE'S ALWAYS SCOLDING ME ON HER BIRTHDAY, WITHOUT FAIL. T__T

Their service was so freaking bad?! Once we entered the restaurant, nobody bothered to serve us and we had to stand there and wait. Then, we reserved our slice of cake first and requested for a Happy Birthday tag on the cake and woa, they said it'll be an additional charge of 50cents. -___- We even had to take our own menus and walk to our own seat. Not even plain water was served to us until we asked for it. TSK TSK. Super angry but then again, we had our sweet time cos the surroundings were good for photo taking!

Our night ended off with a super full tummy and walking to Clarke Quay!!! :D And every year on her birthday without fail, she will send us home in cab. HAHAHAHAHA.

three pwetty gurls to look at!! HAHAHAHAHACollapse )


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May. 23rd, 2010 | 02:52 pm


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May. 23rd, 2010 | 02:32 pm


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Love is you

May. 16th, 2010 | 09:05 pm

Went to the airport last thurs to await the arrival of baby's mum from europe so we took the chance to go there earlier and have our lunch! We had our lunch at TCC located at T3 lvl 3! they were having this 1 for 1 promotion from 12pm till 5pm! which totally spells awesome for us!!! oh right, wait, since his mum was back, meaning i would get my long champ bag too! hehehe. it's damn fucking cheap over in the europe? converting to sgd, mine was only 75bucks after deducting tax!!! retailing in singapore for 166bucks lor!! wtfff. ahahaha.


Now, for food photos spam!!

my aglio olio which i found it too oily. but otherwise its really damn good!!

Totally love the ambience of the place. :DD

but wait, promotion ends on 31may!

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